Luden Bulba (Homo Luden-Creative Human,Homo Bulba-Human Bubble)

There is conflict between Man and Machine. The person and the machine are contradictory concepts; the person implies individuality and personal responsibility, while the machine is the product of intellection and abstraction, manifested for labour. Machines know no sense of personal responsibility – because freedom is merely a product of biological laws.
As long as I am governed a living sentient being, with impulses in all my movements, mental and physical, I am free in my spontaneity while the machine has no creativity I have desires, passion, fear and reflex, because I learnt by senses not by inputs. Machines will never know the overpowering deep sense of loneliness, or the yearning to overcome that seperateness. We are steeped in irrational fears, crave manifestations tossed up by our mental conditioning, while we struggle to find comfort and adapt the illogical. In being Human we are able to articulate our dissatisfaction in feeling so lost. Machines will never know the joy of failure.

– Written by Taran Burns

“Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays.”