take, eat, here is my body.

Life itself, which is irreversible, it’s inevitability born of the improbable, and it’s consistency of fragility, is like a conscious individual. Mankind is functioning in it’s directed growth, from infancy to maturity, if we ever find fulfillment, make sure it is transmitted.

Life is ceaseless discovery, life is movement.
we advance, to develop unification. I hope for perfection of the intangible universe within myself.

Earth is a team effort, yet almost daily, there are people out there that challenge progression like it is a backward evil.
Each of us is here to grow, develop, expand our understanding of these intricate forces at play that defy who we are and how we interact with other lifeforms. Some of us have gotten further in life – in order to control sanctimoniously, to deceive others into thinking that there is no choice in this world apart from what they believe to be the truth. Almost daily I am bombarded by thoughts of others which counteract the necessity of unity. This sickens me to my core. It is these times which a despair inside of me grows so large, in which chaotic thoughts seem unmanageable.
Humanity relies on progress. Anyone that fails to see that humanity is an essential collaboration is against humanity. I hope we realise we can never stop growth/
because to stop growth, would be to destroy that strong empath inside you. If we stopped growth, the essence of humanity would cease. Tyrants will never stop manipulating. Tyrants can only comprehend worship or fear.

We can believe in change, because it happens all around us. Because believing in Hope alone. We can Hope for the best, but we can’t  Just Hope for change, it will never change a thing.
We may instigate new patterns of transformation – only with the knowledge that we are too far along to change what has already happened, which has existed for a reason.

I volunteer to the earth the magnitudes of my life forces and all metaphysical essence.

EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted,  was to do with happiness, of yourself and others… and to make happiness HAPPEN.
i know you’re a searcher but it’s time to call it off.
The pain of coming back with nothing hurts too much to bare.
With energy depleted and mind exhausted…
…sometimes, to make happiness there has to be change.

our past is constructed of idealistic pathways, yet they constantly crumble and rebuild themselves.
Of these idealistic pathways – the vision you build for your future is exactly how plans form – they can change rapidly, or over time. They adapt.
Going astray of these paths is good, there is nothing wrong with it. everybody must feel their own way.
but sometimes a person will start feelinh that they are missing something – a sort of emptiness. Missing Love goes even deeper. But much will happen in this emptiness, so remain open.

love is not something we make, or do, but something we are.

What is Love? We know that it cannot be defined, but Love is that which places the free in bondage and to those in bondage gives freedom. He who understands the limitless power of Love, knows himself Love is a beauty which is a joy in itself. A beauty which is truth, and the truth of love is the truth of the universe.

It is the lamp of the soul that reveals the secrets of darkness. Love is lawless and infinite. Love needs no system in order to survive, and rises above colour, race and creed. We may spend a lot of time looking for love. Sometimes we may abandon the search for Love and find it was with us all along, usually in unexpected places. We may evaluate our own lives and accomplish personal happiness in our innerworlds. Hopefully this will lead to a Self-love. He who feels the need for being Loved, without Self-love, may attempt to buy power and pleasure in material guises, constructs and distractions. If he were to die without feeling pure Love, he would die powerless and pleasureless. Love, being the absolute joy of all life, makes us who we are. Love one another if you wish to survive. Thank you.

everything is expanding, there are no limits to growth. only the repressed and fearful inhibit themselves. the impulse to begin again…
i left my mind to came close to my senses.
take, eat, here is my body.