The Comfortzone, Stepping out.

Sometimes, a person will start feeling that they are missing something – a sort of emptiness.
Missing love goes even deeper.
Much will happen in this emptiness, so remain open.
Going astray is good.
There is nothing wrong in it, unless you cannot commit.
Yet everybody must feel their own way.
Harness the overwhelming passions of the heart,
fill and feel the need for natural, deep solitude.
I bring the upward positive spirit of a bird,
with wings of dreams in an infinite sky –
the spirits have me in vital echo,
the spirits have me chanting force.
Everything is expanding, there are no limits to growth.
Only the repressed and the fearful inhibit themselves.
Take, Eat, This is my body.

The impulse to begin again…
led me to lose my mind,
to come to my senses.

Love is not something we make, or do, but something we are.

Life is magic from womb to tomb,

hang in there buddy, we’re almost home.
– wordage by Taran