Sh*t People Say to People with Asperger’s

The Asperger Café

One of the challenges of having Asperger Syndrome is that most of us look so … normal. For the most part, it’s hard to pick us out of a crowd (at least initially): there’s no wheelchair, leg brace, or obvious physical clues to indicate that we are anything but Neurotypical, predictable, average — Just Like You.

So it is probably confusing to the rest of you when we show a preference for talking about math, oceanography, a beloved rock band, or bus seat repair, or start repeating the dialogue from a Monty Python movie.

Or when we simply look at you blankly when you talk at us about your kids, home renovations, or the plot of whatever reality TV show you watched last night.

(They say Aspergians dwell on their own “special interests” to the point of boring their listeners to death, but I would argue that Neurotypicals do the…

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