The Rise of the VIDEOPUNK in MiniDV Culture

What if all the subjects that influence me, don’t follow a narrative that could be explained in structure?
What if the progression I want to capture can’t be contained?

That’s where experimentalism comes in;
The experimentalist is a practitioner of adventure.

Opposing the standard, while exposing the flaws of whatever system he is forced to live by. He is an escapist, a surrealist feeding on the corpse of mainstream cinema. In the mindset of an experimentalist you become the videopunk.

The videopunk, as a way of life, is able to tackle any genre he wishes, because it becomes not a case of rejecting the stereotype, but reinterpreting it in whatever way he sees fit.
Rejecting the preconditioned format would be admitting the demise of narrative; yet the dismantling of structure only requires reinterpretation.
Honest exploration is the only language a videopunk speaks, by reflecting upon ideas and concepts and the need to share and invent new perspectives no matter how ignored these concepts become. At the heart of it all, yet not for the faint hearted, experimentation has provided a platform for the enablers and innovators of underrepresented perspectives.

Being the ultimate adaptable media, the MiniDV culture has unleashed a wave of young film enthusiasts.
The Videopunk has risen from an industry that define expression through the language of technology.
The ability to write, produce, edit and release… the concept of the freedom of digital expression means these voices can never be silenced or controlled. We are no longer spectators but producers of our own reality.

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