An open letter to the tutor

Hi Phil… I’m still quite stuck on what to do. All the subjects I want to explore can’t be done in 4 weeks…

I want to be able to focus down on a subject but I’m still not sure what that is. I’m interested in the moment
where film fails to portray what it’s like for individuals who live in these altered states…
like ADHD’s manic state, or an Asperger’s panic attack, but what I feel is easiest is to capture a moment with a musician. stage personas, who they become when they get in ‘the moment’.
Because musicians, especially singers – have to explore those dark psychological introverted moments and they share their gift in creative ways.
There are better ways to explain ‘the moment’ but right now the easiest way to explore it would be that of a ‘Peak’ – of creativity expression and emotion; and that usually comes out in performances.
It’s a state of being, to live in that moment of absolute bravery, intent and force, to look your crowd in the eyes and sing or play something that is personal, something which in the wrong light could get ridiculed or taunted. In a way, if you play to the right crowd, it can feel gratifying and ultimately quite unifying.
But it’s the evaluation of that moment, the fluency in your direct ability to transform such raw emotion into words, to know that something that you’ve worked on, through conception, production and into a final piece and into a public arena to share that same passion. I think this is something I’d like to explore. Where to start…

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