Taran Burns… began his creative career in music college studying ‘Making Music Through Technology’ and soon began creating remixes for other students and teachers, as well as launching into original work, and his first album was eventually sold through Amazon, Itunes, Napster and Walmart.

After being enticed by international VJ’s to perform at Tate Britain,
Taran decided to make the transition into film, and studied Media Production at The Bristol Academy Of Media Arts, testing the water with a range of films – Drama, Music Video, Comedy and Social Action documentary, and going on to win the award for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ at the Academy’s end of year festival.

After graduating with a triple distinction Taran took time out to develop his own ideas and films – and along the way was made a NESTA Ignite! Beneficiary and given funding to further his creative career. Around this time, Taran became a founding steering group member of, an initiative to develop and harness a route for young people into the film industry, and part of the Content Crew of, which provided training as a film programmer lead by the Independent Cinema Office.

Taran also worked closely as a videographer for Encounters Festival and watershed, and collected interviews from established and rising film makers, animators and actors (such as Paddy Considine and the likes)
Taran has also taught cinematography in festivals such as BBC BLAST, and Eden Project’s ‘Biotik’ event, and has made an appearance as a panel judge in a few competitions along the way.
Going freelance at a young age has lead Taran to developed projects with over 25 organisations in the Southwest, ranging from Bristol Zoo, Friends of the Earth, Connexions West, Cirque Bijou, Ecosulis, ECF, BFI, CIPD, Coexist, BACWG… to name a few, while making an appearance as international film scout for Strangerfestival ’09 and International Documentary Film Festival ‘10 and a film programmer for Electric December ’08 and Future Film Festival ’11.

Alongside all of this, he has worked on many shorts over the years as a runner, boom boy, and sound recordist for Overlook Films, BAFTA winner Rachel Tillotson, RTS nominee Claire Alberie, and a microbudget feature.

While studying a Creative Writing open degree in late 2011, he co-founded a company called Coexist Music & Media Centre, which has a floor dedicated to finding and developing independence in artists by allowing a platform for performance, practice and recording while collaborating with multimedia professionals in the Southwest. Taran is now in the postproduction stages of a new album, being mastered by EMI.

 Taran wrote this in third person.

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